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Social Media provides a vehicle for leveraging sales, marketing, lead generation, lead nurturing, referrals, customer and client engagement. Very few companies are effectively leveraging these tools. Most are still operating in time-wrap bubble that dates back several decades. Learn the key steps of using social media for marketing and sales if you're in sales, marketing, business development, or responsible for closing business.
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Content Marketers & Curators - 50 Ideas to Create Buzz

Content Marketers & Curators - 50 Ideas to Create Buzz | Social Selling |

I selected this article from conversationagent because this is one of my trusted sources, where I find great content, day after day. 


This piece has some great tips for creating compelling content and it gives you examples of people who are doing a good job with each suggestion.


**These ideas can be used for content curators as well - to create buzz and build an audience, providing "context" is what sets you apart from others - these tips are ways to accomplish that.


Quote from this piece:


"Connecting ideas and people -- how talk can change our lives".


Here are a few things that caught my attention:


**. Make digestible bits of advice in micro-interactions gain big impact. Kellye Crane built a community for #soloPR practitioners off a Twitter chat filled with useful advice.


** Create a new list. People like to see where things stack against each other. By far, the most popular list is still the one Todd And created and AdAge took over.


** Give away secrets and tips to help others become more effective. Adam Singer is very generous in that regard.


** Teach something new or from a new perspective. Kathy Sierra has been able to do that on a topic that for many was considered not quite appealing


** Inspire people to take action and change the world. Entrepreneur Chris Guilleabeau is a good example of that.


** Be opinionated about future trends. That's a trait that is best exemplified by Robert Scoble.


** Track and review future trends from behind the scenes. A good guide is Louis Gray.


**Create a conversation around a social object. That's what Hugh MacLeod does.


** Become the expert hub on a subject matter. The consistent "go to" person for branding is the team at Branding Strategy Insider.


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Content Marketing, Social Media and Beyond"


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Barry Deutsch's comment, May 16, 2012 2:18 AM
Fully 1/3 of my business in executive search, speaking engagements, and consulting projects come directly from content curation and marketing.
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Content Curation and Distribution are King - Content Curation Marketing

Content Curation Marketing for online brand leadership, integrated social media, lead generation, and thought leadership.
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